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Succession Planning

Succession Planning Consultants

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Our succession planning consultants help small business owners develop a plan for who will succeed them or their key managers in a business. Succession planning helps build and strengthen talent from within a business through planned development activities, mentoring and coaching. Succession planning may also include external hires and their recruitment, assessment and successful integration into a business.

Succession planning is different than
replacement planning which is a form of risk management. Replacement planning is one dimensional and simply seeks to appoint a replacement individual should an unplanned vacancy occur.

Our Succession Planning Model

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Our proprietary succession planning model consists of six key steps:

Step 1 - We begin by identifying those key positions in a clients organization through assessment and talent planning.

Step 2 - We build job models and scorecards for each role, complete with skills, competencies, character, culture and expectations/accountabilities.

Step 3 - Next we assess those being considered for succession planning roles, identifying gaps in their qualifications and experience.

Step 4 - In this step we structure and plan development opportunities to address the gaps identified in Step 3.

Step 5 - Annual development plans are established and reviewed quarterly and bi-annually. We also measure progress in these specific areas by
assessing specific data.

Step 6 - Structured coaching & mentoring. We provide regular feedback to clients and succession planning candidates through 360 degree reviews and structured coaching sessions.

The outcome of our succession planning services is a client and successor who are prepared, aligned and adjusted to their new roles, enabling them to perform to their fullest potential with continued support.

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