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Family Business Consultants

Family Business Consultants

Are you fed up and frustrated with the dynamics of working with family? We know how you feel. We are a family owned and operated business employing three generations of family members.

Working with family can be one of the biggest challenges in business and it can have detrimental affects on our personal lives. The stress, conflict and disfunction in many businesses has torn families apart and ruined what could be a very healthy, profitable business. However, it doesn’t need to be that way! Family and business can coexist in a manner that is a blessing to both, just as it has for thousands of years.

Family Business Consulting

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Lordstone’s family business consulting services are for small to medium-sized business owners who desire something better for their business and family. We help family business owners move from frustration, stress and disfunction to a place where healthy boundaries, respect and clearly defined responsibilities exist. Additionally, through slow, well thought out and discussed succession plans, we help aid the transition process from one generation to the next.

Relational Family Business Consultants

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We are relational family business consultants, meaning we put relationship with you and your family members ahead of tasks and to-do’s. We move through our proven process at a speed that is comfortable and respectful for all involved.

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