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Growth Consulting

Growth Consulting For Small Business Owners

Our relational services center on helping small business strategically plan for the future, set expectations, establish accountability and accomplish results!

Strategic Planning


We start by helping small business owners discover why & how they want to grow their business, in what timeframe and the actions they will be required to take. We help the owner and their management teams establish or refine strategy and put that into one of three types of strategic plans, with defined expectations and timelines. These plans are simple, practical and contain everyting from vision, mission and values of the company to what the goals, accountabilities and actions will be for the year, quarter, month and week.


Upper Peninsula Business Consulting

Once a strategic plan is built, we continue to walk alongside a small business owner and their management team as they execute on their strategic plan. Our particpation, leadership, encouragement and steadfastness is what helps a team create results and moves the strategic plan into action, versus sitting in a file drawer. We help small business owners stay focused on their desired results and commitment to change.

Accountability & Issues Coaching

Michigan Business Coaching

Inspect what you expect is a saying you may of heard before. We stay engaged with a small business owner on a regular monthly basis, holding both the owner and their team accountable for taking action on their plan. We measure their results against plan throughout every area of the business and serve in a coaching capacity as issues or challenges arise. This insures the team stays engaged, committed and are all headed in the same direction.

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FREE CONSULTATION - We love small business! We routinely meet with small business owners over coffee or a virtual Zoom meeting just to learn about their businesses, challenges and goals. No sales pitch, just a get to know you and you get to know us session. To schedule, call us today.

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