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How We Do Business

The Problem With Traditional Consulting & Training

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The world of management consulting and corporate training has traditionally been delivered through in/out transactions that tend to be short in duration, costly and lacking in self-sustaining results for many clients.

The reason why many companies continually struggle with problems and seek a quick fix is because they are addressing the operational symptoms of a problem, rather than its root cause.

Our Revolutionary Approach To Small Business Consulting

Relational vs Transactional

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We are a relationally based, non-transactional company, rejecting the typical quick in/quick out management consulting philosophy so prevalent since inception of the profession. Instead, we recognize that at the core of strategy and change are people and people are influenced through thought, caring relationships and leadership with heart. As such, our client relationships are personal, highly supportive and tend to span many years or even decades.

Thorough Assessment vs Quick Fix

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At the onset of each client relationship and at regular intervals thereafter, we thoroughly assess a clients business or organization. We dig deep, to understand the root causes of our clients challenges and issues. This deep dive enables us to uncover true strategic opportunities that can be addressed through planning, execution & accountability.

A Wholistic Approach

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We take a 360 degree approach to solving client challenges. In most all cases, people are at the center of these challenges whether they be leadership, cultural, operations, finance or brand related. Together and through relationship we solve the long term challenges and issues faced by our client in a sustainable manner.

Steadfast & Committed

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In a consulting world driven by 3-6 month engagements and rapid client turnover, we stand alone by supporting our clients throughout their business turnaround or improvement journey. We believe that good things take time, continued focus, sustained effort & commitment to long term results.

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